Write what you know, right?

Or, in my case, write what you are. And what I am, or who I am, is an Asian American TV show enthusiast. The TV show enthusiast part is less about what this blog is going to be about and more a forewarning of the type of references I will likely be making in the future.  A lot. I mean, I do it enough in real life so it’s bound to cross over into my blog at some time.


As an ABC (American-Born-Chinese, for those not in the know) I’ve gone through most of my life noticing, being slightly insulted by, getting used to, and laughing over the moments in my daily life affected and or caused by my being Asian, and the stereotypes that come with it.

Don’t worry, nothing of a serious or particularly derogatory nature. At the very least, this blog will be centered around the more humorous tones of my ‘misfortune’. Being Asian, mind you, is not necessarily a hard life; being Asian-American, I find, can often mean I get the best of both worlds. People today in America (or at least the parts of which I’ve lived or visited) treat those of Asian descent like any other. And yet still, occasionally in daily interactions, on television, etc. I find it endlessly amusing how there can still be the occasional presumptuous stereotype that causes misunderstanding, in turn implying still existing misconceptions.

I plan to post things that relate to these stereotypes (moments in life, memes, Youtube videos, or things that come to mind), with the added input of my perspective on each of these things. I hope to amuse. Or entertain. Or endear.

Sidenote: I’m Chinese, so my thoughts will tend to be from the Chinese-American perspective, as an FYI.

Well, that’s that. ‘Til next!


I’ll be in the corner here. Watching BBC Sherlock. Give me a topic to write about!


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