second gen

What, are we talking pokémon or people?

Sorry, is my inner geek showing?

Moving on.

Of course I’m talking about Second Generation immigrants, but more specifically, second gen Asian-Americans. Why are we still termed “immigrants”? No idea. But I don’t want to get into semantics or PC phrasing: I want to talk about the Wiki articles themselves.

*Gasp* Am I treating as untrustworthy now? Am I starting to nitpick? Am I getting into a fight about the way Asian-Americans are portrayed in Wiki articles??

Calm down. I have nearly always supported Wikipedia in their collaborative endeavor to provide information; it’s by far the most reliable online encyclopedia concerning its summarization and accessibility. It’s constantly evolving, and if there’s one thing I respect in any person or thing, it’s growth. [insert pokémon reference; evolve!]

That’s what I’m here to talk about today: my own contribution!

I’ve created the account, and now I need to learn the lingo and do the research in order to add my say. What, you ask, can an Asian-fail college undergrad geek contribute to Wikipedia? Not much. But the goal is to add something, and I wish, as a second gen representative, to help edit/add on to the pages Second-generation immigrants in the US or Immigrant generations. I’m compelled to because as an Asian-American second gen, I feel almost… obligated to add, to help represent. The Immigrant generations second gen stub definitely has more to be expanded on, whereas US Second Gen Immigrants seems much more brushed up and finalized, so I have yet to decide which one I wish to attempt to help more. But as both are generally on the same topic, my research will still be relevant either way.

I’ll research other hyperlinks in the wiki articles already available, and hopefully I’ll find social study articles or statistics about second gen Asian-Americans. Ultimately, I hope to learn more about what it means to be a second gen, to understand other people’s perspectives on being a second gen, and in the end, just learn how Wiki people do what they do.

Most likely, however, whatever I submit will be answered with:

But hey, a girl’s gotta try.

I’m actually quite inspired by the following video to research, or at least insert a discussion about the discrepancy between second gen and 1.5 generation Asian American values.

i’m not crying thas just school bus in my eye

(Yeah that’s right I’m not only obsessed with crude humor and ghetto-speaking Koreans)

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